How to deploy a new release (already created by TeamCity) with a trigger


We are using teamcity to create the nuget package of our solution with octopack, and then teamcity creates the release with the correct version number.

We would like to have a daily trigger that deploys this release, which is not yet deployed on any environment.

Triggers seems to be only useable to deploy from an environment to another.

How can we achieve this ?

Thank you,

Hi Dorian,

You are correct. With the scheduled triggers, you can create a new release and deploy that to an environment or you can promote an existing release from one environment to another. We are considering adding the case for deploying an existing, undeployed release to an environment, but there is no timeline for that at the moment.

One potential solution would be to use a scheduled build in TeamCity to trigger the deployment of the release. Are you creating a release per commit or only at certain times during the day?