How to continue deployment in Release from the Step which failed?

we have a Project which installs 4 components on the server and for each component we have dedicated step (so 4 steps in total) since it is completely different procedure how components are installed. They must all be required steps.
If we create a Release and run deployment process, and if for example Step1 and Step2 are executed succesfully but Step3 fails - how, if I try to deploy once again the same Release of course - to automatically continue from the failed Step3 since my components 1 and 2 are already installed in step1 and step2 so I do not wish to install them once again (it will eventually in that case trigger an error for step1 and step2 that components is already installed) but just to continue from the last failed step and that is the step3 which now installs component3 that after correcetions have been made, can be installed.

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There are two ways you can achieve this.
The first would be to enable guided failure on your project. With this enabled if a failure occurs the deployment will pause rather than ending completely and you will have the option to restart the deployment from that point when the problem is resolved.

The second option would be to skip the steps that you don’t want to run when initiating the deployment:

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any further questions.


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