How to configure release versioning from package name + increment

Title says it all, how do I use packageversion.#{Octopus.Version.NextPatch} in release versioning scheme


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Unfortunately, it’s not currently possible to partner using the PackageID within the Release Creation Strategy to increment the release version.

You could name the package version as %build.number% in TC (or equivalent depending on the build server), and just use the standard default in Octopus to auto increment a number after, Something like #{Octopus.Version.LastMajor}.#{Octopus.Version.LastMinor}.#{Octopus.Version.LastPatch}.#{Octopus.Version.NextBuild}.

I would encourage you to create a User Voice for this feature, we consider all requests here when planning our roadmap based on Community Support.

If you require any further assistance moving forward, please let me know :slight_smile:

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