How to configure Polling Tentacle in 3.0

How to configure Polling Tentacle in 3.0?

We have upgraded the Server and Tentacle to 3.0, however after that the Tentacle (in Polling mode) will no longer connect, tried to re-install the Tentacle but found the place to configure the Tentacle mode is no longer there in 3.0! had a look in the log found this line:

2015-06-25 01:35:19.5310 5 WARN Configured to connect to server {“Thumbprint”:"{my thumbprint}",“CommunicationStyle”:2,“Address”:"{Address}",“Squid”:"{my squid}",“SubscriptionId”:null}, but its configuration is incomplete; skipping.

Any idea what is going on?

Replied by Damian Brady:
Hi Dell,
Thanks for this, it is a bug we’ve noticed and it will be fixed in the next release.
Can you post this question to the Community forum rather than comments here? That way we can follow it up a bit better and people are more likely to find it.


Thanks for getting in touch. Like Damian asked, would it be possible for you to post this question on the Community Forum ( ? We created that forum specifically for all things related to 3.0 so our devs can check it on a daily basis and figure out if there’s something that needs to be fixed on that particular version. Having your question posted there would really help them :slight_smile:

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