How to configure one project to autodeploy with separate package per environment

I am trying to get auto deploy working and we get an error saying that it was unable to create a release for our project. The way I have it setup is a single project. Lets call it “projA”. We have a separate NUGET package per environment that is being checked in via Jenkins. so dev-projA, qa-projA, and prod-projA. I setup a single deployment process with child processes underneath it. Some child processes are cloned and the clones are setup to deploy to different environments. So deploy service - deploy to dev using dev-projA package. Then deploy to qa using qa-projA package.
So if I go to create a release, it wants to create a single release for all 3 packages. I would like a separate release per package - dev-projA, qaprojA, prod-projA. I want to auto deploy to each environment using a different package for each, but under the same project. Is this possible to do? I imagine I do not have this setup correctly. I just tried to add lifecycles and channels, but it did not make a difference.

Hi Erik,

Thanks for getting in touch! From looking at your scenario my initial thoughts are to use channels. Did you run into a problem when trying the channel method?

You should have been able to create a Channel per environment, then created some version rules so if a package for DEV was pushed to the server a release would automatically be created for that package to the development lifecycle.

Would you be able to attach some screenshots of your channels and how you tried to implement the channel solution?
I would also need to see screenshots of your deployment process for the project.

Past that, you may be able to check out the following documentation. It could potentially help you do what you are after. However, I do believe we can achieve this with Channels.

Let me know what you think.

Best regards,