How to combine "single target processes" with "multi-target processes"?

I’m deploying an application to 4 web servers. Thus 4 deployment processes on 4 machines will kick off. But I also need to run 1 database migration and 1 FTP process that publishes images to our CDN.

How do I best combine “parallel/multiple deployment processes” to 4 web servers with one-off single-target deployment processes?



Hi Pascal,

Thanks for reaching out. You need to make us of Machine Roles and have your “Database Migration” and “FTP” steps run for roles that reference only 1 machine.

Hope that helps!


Hi Dalmiro,

Yes, I thought that would be the way forward. Just to be sure how this would work: if I have a deployment process P with 6 “web server” process steps and 1 “ftp server” process step, and I have 2 web servers and 1 ftp server, then deployment will kick off 3 process instances of P where the 2 web servers will only run the 6 “web server” process steps and skip the 1 “ftp server” process step and the 1 ftp server will skip the 6 “web server” steps and only run the 1 “ftp server” step. Right?



That’s correct