How to block the deployment of the older version, once the latest version has been deployed to an env

In my scenario

Version 1.0.6218.28927 was deployed to DEV, then 1.0.6218.28971 was deployed to DEV and TEST.

Now i want to disable the deployment of version 1.0.6218.28927 to TEST, as latest has been deployed or send an email to Test lead “saying someone is trying to deploy the older version on TEST evn.”

Please suggest.



Thanks for reaching out! There’s a feature you can enable to block specific Releases from deploying (no matter which phase they’re in). From the Project Overview page (from your screenshot), select the Release number you want blocked from deploying, and select the option to “Block Deployment” (see first screenshot). You can then provide a message about why this was blocked, which will appear when anyone is at that Release page (see second screenshot). And now the “Deploy” option is removed in the Project Overview page (see third screenshot). You can also read a bit more about this feature in our documentation.

Let me know if you have any further questions!