How to autodeploy release from TeamCity?

When I use Octopus buildrunner in TeamCity to autodeploy release in OctopusDeploy, I get the previous version of my package… If TC is running build, then OctopusDeploy creates release and publish nuget-package of version How can I fix this? And what is the difference between the three buildrunners in TC?

My setup in TeamCity:

  1. build solution (visual studio) OctoPack is not enabled
  2. NuGet pack to create nuget from nuspec
  3. OctopusDeploy - create release. release number:, deploy to: test

My guess is that OctopusDeploy fetches the latest package from TC-nuget-feed(version 1.0.4), and when the build is finished TC publishes artifacts to internal nuget-feed (version 1.0.5) ?

I managed to solve this using a build-chain in TeamCity. When the first build finishes it publish the nuget as artifact. Then the second build starts which now has access to the artifact.

Hi Thomas,

I clicked ‘answer’ and it told me someone updated the thread. Beat me too it. I am glad you got this sorted.
The response I had is below:

It’s all really about timing of when something is built, pushed and available. We have some great new videos that might help you solve this problem.

It gives much better explanations and examples than I will be able to give here.

These are pretty new, so let me know if you have any feedback!