How to attach an external id (text) to identify a deployment


We want to tag each deployment to specific environments with an external id (a servicenow change request id in our case) for audit purposes.
We are able to have a prompted variable as a required field for each deployment but we dont really know where we could print this somehow so that it works as a tag for future verifications/audits.
We want to be able to look at a deployment and say that it was done a part of a certain ServiceNow change request.
Is there anyway to achieve this?

Hi Abhishek,
Thanks for reaching out.

One way to handle this would be to use a standard variable name across projects. e.g. ChangeRequest. This can be enforced by using a Library Variable Sets. Variable Sets are similar to project variables in that they can be scoped to environments, deployment target, or target roles. Keep in mind when Assigning Scope to variables that are part of a library variable set, the variables cannot be scoped to deployment steps or channels.
Then create a step template containing a script that logs this value, possibly using the highlight log level.

I hope this helps. Please let us know if you have further questions or consernse.

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