How is "latest" calculated in TeamCity Deploy Release?

We want to use TeamCity to deploy the latest stable version to our test environment each week with a timer.

We are naming our branches with the next minor e.g. 2017.9.0-the-new-feature when the latest stable is e.g. 2017.8.8

But when I set the Release Number to latest Octopus seems to choose the highest release sorted by name of something.

It does not even matter if release 2017.8.8 has been created at a later date in Octopus. It will still choose 2017.9.0-the-new-feature. And if I have another branch created at a later date called e.g. 2017.9.0-my-new-feature it will not be chosen.

So to my question. Is it possible to set the latest stable OR latest created release somehow?


Thanks for reaching out.

We use the Semantic Versioning schema throughout the entire product. In this case 2017.9.X will always be considered latest than any 2017.8.x regardless of which one was created last.

If you are running releases from TeamCity, consider passing the release number as a variable instead of just relying on “the latest one available”.

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Ok, good to know!

I will calculate the latest master version with GitVersion TeamCity Plugin and use that explicitly when I deploy.