How do we use a suffix with octopack

Hi all,

We have in our .nuget file something like this:


We want to use the channel functionality to differentiate between “dev/prerelease/etc” deploys and fully tested deploys which go all the way up to production.

So with the normal continous integration build we like to 1.0.1234.1234-dev

I want to add the parameter with octopack on it like:


When i use -dev it doesn’t put anything behind the version, and when i use only dev it give me an error message

'1.0.5806.30228Dev' is not a valid version string.

Any help would be appreciated!



Try adding " around the msbuild paramater like this "/p:OctoPackNuGetProperties=PrereleaseSuffix=-dev" and it should work correctly.

Hope that helps!

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