How do we package ARM templates into a Nuget package or Zip file?


We are using Visual studio to create ARM templates. The project type for this template project is:

The source code is in bitbucket.
Our CI Server is bamboo.
When we make changes to these templates and check them into Bitbucket we want bamboo to package them and upload them to artifactory.
We want Octpus deploy to download the package from artifactory

What is the best way to package the project containing all the templates into a nuget package.
I see now that zip files are supported so should we be using zip files as creating a nuget package may not make sense for ARM template projects.

Can somebody confirm if zip file package is the way to go or if there is another way go accomplish our goals?



I was able to use bamboo task to create a zip file. I used Octo.exe to push the zip file directly to Octopus deploy. release was created automatically and finally I was able to provision azure resources to an environment.

Hi Raj,

I’m glad to hear that you go it working! Please don’t hesitate to contact us with any more problems/issues you run into.