How do I update Octopus cloud Instance?

I created octopus cloud instance 2-3 weeks ago. At that time, latest version was 2018.8.6 so it created octopus instance with that version. Now latest version is 2018.8.9 and it introduces fixes to Kubernetes such as allowing non-wildcard domains in ingress which I want to use but I can’t seem to find a way to trigger octopus cloud to update. I hvae already set maintainence window for 2 hours but it isn’t updating.

I am not sure if its correct behaviour or not

Hey Talha,

Chris here from the Octopus Cloud team. The way we handle upgrades to your Octopus Cloud server is through a Bleeding Edge -> Canary -> Stable format. Bleeding Edge is typically the latest version of Octopus and the same can be said for Canary. Canary is applied to a small subset of our customers who don’t mind being on the latest version, and Stable is typically 1 version behind the latest although right now we’re rolling out 2018.8.6 in our stable ring. If you’re happy for me to upgrade your instance to 2018.8.9, I can do that for you in your next maintenance window :slight_smile: I just need to know the URL of your Octopus Cloud server.

Sure. I won’t mind to get updated to latest version listed in “Downloads” page. This is url of my octopus instance.

HI Talha,

Thanks for that! I have upgraded your instance to 2018.8.9 :slight_smile: Please let me know if there is anything else that I can help you with.