How do I show *all* Projects *all* the time?

On the dashboard, the project I want is often collapsed and I have to hit “Load More”. I would like the Dashboard to always show all our projects.
I have used the “Configure” button in the top right, and “Maximum Projects” is set to 200, but my project group always loads collapsed showing only 30 entries.

My groups make sense for me, so I don’t want to either ungroup them or group them in to sets of 30. (This applies to both the Dashboard and Projects forms).

Hey Chris,

I’m sorry to say this isn’t possible today. I can see how this would be annoying.

Would you mind explaining your scenario a little, to help us better understand? What is your role (why do you want visibility across so many projects)? What do the project groups represent to you? What is your typical use-case for the dashboard (are you comparing versions across projects, or using it to navigate into projects)?

This kind of information is a huge help to us in designing solutions. It also helps to ensure we don’t make changes that don’t actually address the problem :slightly_smiling_face: