How do I set the Master Key in for Octopus running in a container?

My Octopus Server is running in a container. I need to provide the Master Key used to encrypt data when I recreate the container. How do I get and set the Master Key to be used in the container?

One option is to create the initial container without the Master Key set. This will create a new key during the container creation.

You can retrieve the key by executing a command against the running container to display the generated key. You can then plug that key into your docker run command or docker-compose file. Here is a Windows example and Linux example.

Another option, that is my recommended approach, is to create a key before hand and supply it to your container from the beginning.

You can generate your own key with this command:

openssl rand 16 | base64

The command above will generate a valid key that you can use to initialize your Octopus server and database.