How do I configure RunOctoPack=true?

I’m trying to figure out where I should add the RunOctoPack=true build property in Visual Studio?

I’ve looked through all the project settings and can’t figure out where to add it? Or should I add it manually to the .csproj file?

We have a WCF service, a WinService and a WinForms client in the same VStudio solution.

The WCF service should be put in one Octopack package and the WinService in another. I’ve installed OctoPack through nuget in the WinService project and verified that the build targets was added to the csproj file. But how do I build a package on every Release build?


Normally RunOctoPack is set when building from a command line/build server. To have it run from Visual Studio, you’ll need to edit the .csproj file:


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