How do I configure a rolling deployment window size to be different for multiple target roles in Octopus Deploy

I’m using a rolling deployment in Octopus to deploy a package. The package is a utility used on servers that have different purposes in my data centre. This is modelled fine within Octopus as I can tag the rolling deployment with multiple target roles to deploy to the different servers.

The issue comes when I run the deployment, the window size doesn’t apply to each target role individually.

I set my window size to two, and I expected it to deploy to both target roles two at a time. Instead, it deployed to one of each of the servers in the target role, up to a maximum of two.


Ideally I would like to specify a different window size for each target role. Is this possible?

Thanks for the question.

Unfortunately, it’s not possible to specify a Window Size to apply to each target role in a rolling deployment using Child Steps.

In order to achieve separate window sizes, you would need to create a set of rolling deployment steps for each target role.

We have another article which goes into more detail about what that would look like: