How can i share Prompt variable value captured in one environment and use it for all the environments in the Lifecycle?

Hi there,

I have a requirement where I have 2 environments(one in each Phase) in a Lifecycle. I am making use of “Prompt” variables. I need to prompt for values for a variable only for the lower environment and then that same value should be shared across all the environments as you go further up all the way to production. I tried to look for the documentation and blogs but couldn’t find a way where i can set it in Powershell for all different environments. Is there any way to achieve this??..



Unfortunately there is currently no easy way to reuse a prompted variable value between environments.

Could you tell us a little more about your scenario? What does the prompted variable represent?
Hopefully we can help find another way to achieve the goal.

Hello Michael,

Thanks for your response.

We are using Octopus deploy project to setup a generic pipeline where we are asking 2 different parameters at the start of release creation and then first step is to download the package/artifacts from the source based on the input given. And second step is deploy it to the target servers(DEV Environment). Once DEV team is happy with the changes, they need to promote it to the upper enviornments. Because we are using Prompt variables here, it asks all those parameters again even if we have already downloaded the package. I want to skip this and see if there is any way where we can only prompt for the input once and then we should be able to share those values across all different environments in a Lifecycle.

Hope this explains the scenario. Thanks again.