How can i have different environment flows for two different project groups

i have two project groups lets say GroupA and GroupB, GroupA projects has test>staging>Live flow while GroupB has Dev>Test>Staging>Live flow. when i add a new environment “Dev” for GroupB projects it gets added to GroupA projects as well. how can i limit this behavior by which i can have 3 environments for GroupA and 4 environments for GroupB?


Hi Yogesh,

Thanks for getting in touch. That’s currently a limitation of Octopus, we’re working on a new feature for Octopus Deploy that will let you achieve that kind of isolation. We’re calling it Octopus Data Center Manager (ODCM).

We have a public RFC blog post about it, here:

If you have time have a read through it, and if you have ideas/opinions leave us a comment, or if you really want to get deeply involved we have a GitHub repository with more details on the moving parts:

We’re always looking for feedback from our users in particular as we start to build new features.