How can I deploy to Azure Web Site to the path "site" instead of "site/wwwroot"?

I am trying to deploy a ASP.NET 5 site and I need to be able to deploy to the “site” folder instead of “site/wwwroot” folder. Is there any way this can be done?

Just in case anyone else is having this issue, specifically to ASP.NET 5 deployments:
The problem is WebDeploy 3.5 does not support the new deployment structure. To make octopus deploy correctly, you will need to customize Calamari with the latest version of WebDeploy + some config/code changes.
Take a look here for the fix.

Hi Jin,

I have described an alternative solution for how deploying ASP.NET 5 applications to Azure with Octopus here(you can safely ignore the TeamCity related details if you create your NuGet packages in another way).

It does require you to have a Tentacle installed and that WebDeploy 3.6 is installed on the Tentacle server.

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