How can I connect to Octopus Deploy Server running on EC2?

I want to login into Octopus Deploy Server to see happening deployments and releases. However, Octopus Deploy server is running on EC2 server, and I do not know how can I login and manage all deployments?

Also, I am in process of creating another account (stage) for our web application. How can I add this new server configuration on Octopus Deploy Server in order to deploy on stage and then prod? We are using Jenkins as CI server.

Your guidance will be highly appreciated

Anyone here can please share your suggestions?


Thanks for getting in touch!

To access your Octopus server you will need to know either the FQDN of your server or its IP address. By default Octopus is accessed via http://[FQDN or IP]/App or https://[FQDN or IP]/App. You will need to have a valid login for your Octopus server, which would be managed by the person or team who setup the environment.

Once you have logged into Octopus it appears that you are looking at creating a new environment to deploy to. We have detailed instructions on how to configure environments. We also have documentation on how to use Octopus with Jenkins.

Please let me know if you have any further questions that we can assist with,