Hitting `Enter` When Creating a New Variable Automatically Saves

(Conversation from Slack: https://octopususergroup.slack.com/archives/C6UEBB7R9/p1529508422000509)

Not sure if this is an old bug or something recent, but we’re seeing odd behavior in the Variables UI. When typing in a new variable and hitting the Enter key, it seems that it automatically saves the new variable without ever giving a chance to fill out the value or scoping. This seems undesirable. Here’s a video demonstrating: https://octopususergroup.slack.com/files/U8ACQKLCT/FBASMAQ2X/octopusvariablesavingbug.mp4

What makes it more painful is that the variable UI only shows a certain number of variables in the viewport. So if you enter a variable name that’s alphabetically outside the bounds of what’s displayed, you won’t even see/noticed that it was actually saved unless you happen to scroll that variable into view. That’s the situation that happened to our dev. And the variable was entered with a typo.

At the very least, some sort of server option to “Save when Enter is pressed” would be cool.


Thanks for getting in touch and thanks for reporting this.

This feels like it should be adding to the list if you hit enter, but saving should be reserved for the Save button itself.

We have created a GitHub issue here that you can track to be notified when a fix is available.