History shows "No events were found" for project contributors

One of the things we really like about Octopus Deploy is the ability to see who deployed a release (under the History heading on the Task summary tab when viewing a release’s deployment).

For our project teams we are currently granting Project contributor permissions, which doesn’t seem to allow users to see this information (they see “No events were found” instead).

What roles should we be giving our teams so that they can:

  • See everything for a project (including deployment history for releases)
  • Deploy a project

(We’re using Octopus Deploy

Hi Richard - “Project deployer” will grant the ability to deploy releases.

Contributors should already be able to see events - we had a permissions bug around this in the 2.3 series I believe. We’ve just shipped 2.4.6 as a stable release - is there any chance you can move forward a version?


Hi Nick,

Thanks for the reply; we’re likely to upgrade in the next few weeks so I will re-check this once we’ve done so.



We’ve just upgraded to Octopus Deploy and I’m happy to report that this issue is fixed now.