Hi i am new to this tool Wednesday on wards i am going to work in this tool
i am from DB team I need complete documentation of Team City to Octopus Deployment using Power shell script with Stored Procedure Please guide me and help me Please consider my message

Hi @karthick!

Welcome to the world of Octopus deploy! We’re glad to have you with us!

A great first start with Teamcity and Octopus would be our “Turbocharging TeamCity with Octopus Deploy” webinar, which can be found here: - this will give your some great information about how Octopus and TeamCity work together, and how to leverage the strengths of both products.

Additionally, we have a great series of blog articles covering automating your database deployments with Octopus, which can be found here:

If you do just want to execute a stored procedure through powershell, you would just need to define a script step in your deployment process, and then use something like:
Invoke-Sqlcmd -ServerInstance "your_server" -Database "your_database" -Query "EXEC your_stored_proc"

I hope this helps - happy deployments!

Hi @Justin_Walsh

Thanks for your support i will go through please guide in future if i need any help

Hi @Justin_Walsh

Can you please share any steps in screen shoot

Something like this should do it, @karthick!

Obviously changing “server”, “database”, and “your_stored_proc” to the appropriate values.

I hope this helps!

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