Helm Feeds with S3

Hi, I’m trying to set up a helm feed from S3, since we store all our helm charts in S3. But looking at the external helm feeds, I’m not sure where to put access key and secret key from AWS and also not sure with the S3 url. So I wonder is it possible to set up a helm feed from S3? Maybe some examples will help.

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I would expect this to work simply by adding the S3 bucket URL as the feed URL, and the access key and secret key as the feed username and password.
Are you encountering an error when attempting this?

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Hi, thanks for replying. Yeah I tried that, but got an error of “Unsupported Authorization Type”. So I’m not sure if helm feeds with S3 is supported.

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I’ve taken a deeper look into this and S3 support for Helm feeds is only partial. If the S3 bucket is public then you will be able to access it without any problems.
The issue here is that S3 expects specific headers to be sent during the authorization process that we aren’t sending.
One possible workaround would be to build the URL to include the access key and secret key as described here: https://docs.aws.amazon.com/AmazonS3/latest/API/sigv4-query-string-auth.html
This workaround is not particularly straightforward though.

I will raise this internally to see if adding full support for this is something we can add, however it would be a significant amount of work so even if it is accepted it would be a while until release.


Thanks @paul.calvert. It’s good to know. Thank you for your help, it would be great that this can be supported.

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