Have package names changed?

We have custom scripts that move octopus packages around to work with a custom installer. We just upgraded to the latest version and the filenames being passed to our scripts have changed. Is this normal and will we need to upgrade our package parsing logic to handle this? @S just seems like a weird delimiter. The package filename in the Library still looks correct so this appears to be a change.

Octopus.Action[Transfer].Output[xxx].Package.FilePath:C:\Program Files\xxx\xxx\Deployment\Packages\PackageName.2018.7.106101147.zip

Octopus.Action[Transfer].Output[xxx].Package.FilePath:C:\Program Files\xxx\xxx\Deployment\Packages\PackageName@S2018.8.106131137@7486023B35AE7D43873C8ECD9E55CC17.zip

Hi @codenesium. You are right that after some recent changes we made to improve the caching and staging of packages the final file name provided during a package transfer step is now no longer as friendly. Although the value is provided in an output variable, I can understand that it might be less than ideal. I have created a ticket for this issue (https://github.com/OctopusDeploy/Issues/issues/4641) and will attempt to get a fix in by the next Octopus release in the next few days.
Once again apologies for an inconvenience.

This is not a big deal I can change the string parsing logic.

Hi @codenesium,

Just letting you know that we shipped the fix for this issue in Octopus 2018.6.3, so upgrading to that version or newer will revert the name to the expected <PackageId>.<Version>.<Extension> format.

Any questions please let me know!