Has `dotnet` support being deprecated for the `octo` CLI?

We install the octo CLI tool for dotnet Core 3.x using the method previously recommended on the Octopus website to use the native tool support to install from Nuget.

dotnet tool install Octopus.DotNet.Cli --global
dotnet octo --version

This is our preferred method, as it works exactly the same of on every platform, and has the fewest prerequisite dependencies. We install the octo tool for every build, so we don’t want the overhead of installing and initializing or updating other dependencies (like Linux repos or Chocolatey), or having to have different build scripts for difference platforms or Linux variants. So dotnet tool is ideal, minimal, and identical on all platforms. For our purposes, it is superior to the other options.

We noticed the dotnet tool option has at some point been removed from the install options on the website, does that mean the Nuget repository and the dotnet tool framework is no long supported? Or can we safely still use it and expect to get octo updates over time?

Ref: Octo fails to install when using the .Net Core CLI

Hi Aaron,

Thanks for getting in touch! The short answer is that using the dotnet tool is still a valid option and supported. As it’s just using dotnet as a wrapper to call octo we have removed it from the page as dotnet tools becomes a bit outdated. We will still continue to support it though.

Does this help?

If you would like some further clarification on this, or have any questions at all, please don’t hesitate to let me know.

Best regards,

Thanks @Daniel_Fischer for the confirmation that dotnet tool install would remain a supported option.

You mention it is outdated? Is there a newer, platform-independent mechanism for .Net Core? Or you just mean you prefer to use the OS-specific package managers these days?

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