Harbor as external docker hub

Good day
recently we created private kubernetes cluster and want to deploy our solutions to it. we build container with teamcity ans successfully push it to harbor which we use as private registry
i created deployment on k8s machine with all required resources (pod, service, namespace, ingress, secrets) and all works fine - container successfully downloaded from harbor and deployed to cluster and started normally
after this i try to move this deployment to Octopus. But after i add new external feed for docker i receive error “authorization error”. i check username and password many times but no luck.

about my environment:

  1. i use harbror of version 1.9.3, deployed to k8s v1.16
  2. harbor use ldap authorization
  3. i can success docker login to harbor repository from my local machine and k8s master
  4. i use following settings for external feed in octopus:
    URL: http://registry.local
    Registry path:
    credential: my ldap credential
  5. registry.local - added to intranet dns server and can successfully resolved
  6. on all machine repository added as insecure repository in docker config

there is the exception details:
Octopus v2018.10.0

Authorization to http://registry.local/v2/_catalog failed.
at Octopus.Core.Packages.Docker.DockerRegistryOAuthClient.Get