Guided failures behaviour - missing feature and not being displayed properly Octopus 3.2.24


When using Guided failured deployment in version 2.6.4 and I suspect that also in 3.2.19 there were 2 things which no longer work in 3.2.24:

  1. the ability to apply retry for all - lets say a step is running on 10 tentacles and it fails once and i want to retry the step on all 10 of them i am now forced to do 10 retries instead of the past where i had a checkbox with apply for all
  2. when it does the retry - the output of the log appears in the same step which seems as if it’s still running instead of marking the previous try as red failure and opening a new step under it


Hi Nir,

I seem to have nothing but bad news for you. This is by design from when the communications layer changed.
It’s been this way for 3.x and was no different in 3.2.19. But it has changed since 2.x.

It is explained a little in the following thread:


Hi Vanessa,
Thanks for getting back to me and looking further into this.