Guided Failure

HI Team,

I’ve setup a project with Guided Failure Mode. Whenever there is a deployment issue it will wait for user intervention which is good. but it requires for the user to follow the deployment process. Instead, can we send email to the user whenever the deployment goes into guided failure mode?



Hey there Endashaw,

I’d recommend taking a look at subscriptions to help manage what you’re asking here.

With a subscription set up for the event Guided failure interruption raised , you’ll get an email to a specified user group whenever a guided failure is raised. The emails can be configured to send at whatever interval is appropriate.

I tested this locally to confirm, the email will arrive looking like this:

I hope that helps, let me know if you run into any questions or issues!

Hi Cory,
Thanks for the response. Checking subscription. Is the email sent the moment the guided failure raised or is it based on specific time. I asked this question b/c I saw the following

Your email frequency will set the polling interval, so you’ll get an email any time the server processes subscriptions and finds an event to send off.

If you move it to every 5 minutes, you’ll only get an email whenever a guided failure has been raised in the previous five minute span. Any other time, it will run silently with no email.

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