Guided failure: Not enabled (what is it exactly?)

Hi there

When i’m using Jenkins and executing Octo.exe (for Octopus 2.0) I get the following log in jenkins:

Creating release…
Release created successfully!
Deploying medEbridge to: CI (Guided Failure: Not Enabled)
Waiting for 1 deployment(s) to complete…
Deploy medEbridge release to CI: Failed,
One or more deployment tasks failed.
Exit code: -1

Are we able to get more information back to our build log in Jenkins to see where and what what wrong exactly? Rather than having to open ocotpus website to see the issue? Is the guided failure something to do with it? How can i turn it on if so…

Thanks in advance

Howdy! Guided failure mode is a new feature in 2.0 that lets a human “babysit” a (usually production) deployment if required, providing a Ignore/Retry/Fail model for errors:

It is not designed for use with CI, so leaving it disabled is probably the right thing to do.

I’ve created an issue to improve the Octo.exe error messages: - we probably won’t get to this in the 2.0 RTW but it seems straightforward enough.