Grouping Tenants

I think it would be a good idea to have the option of grouping tenants for the purpose of organisation and not deployment:

  • A group does not have the functionality other than to group items
  • Grouping is optional and you would always be able to interact with tenants in the same way you do now
  • Groups have a name, description and maybe an image
  • A group can contain tenants and/or other groups
  • Tenants do not need to be in a group
  • Being in a group does not functionally affect the tenant

The scenario:

  1. I run a business that puts up websites for other businesses
  2. Some businesses are simple and have a single website that represents the whole business
  3. Other businesses have a ‘brand’/enterprise which requires a website and multiple smaller businesses that it manages each requiring it’s own website and while the smaller sub-businesses are live only the top level ‘brand’ might also have a UAT/Training/QA all under the same tenant

In this scenario Octopus has a single project that deploys a website that gets transformed for each ‘tenant’. This works fine on a smaller scale but with 200 customers where some of them have 20+ websites/‘tenants’ I can become quite a hassle to manage them.

The closest item I could fine to this one is this where a single tenant would always represent the enterprise. But it adds a lot of confusion and I think a simple, optional grouping concept would be a lot more user friendly and accomplish the same goal or organised tenants.

Let me know what your thoughts are


Hi Thomas,

Thanks for getting in touch,

Based on the information provided in your query, I can definitely understand how introducing a grouping feature would be of value, especially when handling a multitude of Tenants.

In it’s current iteration, I imagine that you can achieve a similar result by utilizing Tenant Tags on the Tenants themselves and then not enforce these Tags anywhere on the Deployment Targets/Project steps (as to not change functionality) as you would then have the option to apply a tag filter in the Tenants area to search via a specific tag(s) in order to see at a glance Tenants belonging to this Tag.

For your convenience, I’ve included links to our documentation related to tags below;

Tags could be named in accordance with some naming convention or color specific identifier.

If you are already using Tenant Tags for their intended functionality, then the introduction of new Grouping tags would be ideal, however, if you are not already using Tags then this would likely be even easier to manage.

Though in regards to your Grouping idea, I’d recommend heading over to the User Voice area of our website and leaving your suggestion here, we consider all User Voice requests when planning our roadmap based on community support.

I hope this helps!

If I’ve misunderstood your query in any way or if you require further assistance or clarification, please let me know :slight_smile:

Kind Regards,


Hi Reece,

Tags are a good suggestion as a temporary measure, I’m already using several different types for both organisation and deployment functionality and they will probably do well enough for this purpose for now but with 200 customers that tags page is going to get full fast! I’ve taken your suggestion and created a new user voice suggestion.

Thanks for the help


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