Group Name (when using Child Steps)

When I add a child step to an existing process step, a “grouping” is created on the UI in the process page, containing the 2 steps (the original parent step, and the child step to be run). The name of the grouping becomes the same name as the parent step. I noticed I can click on the group step and change the name, but was wondering if there are any implications to doing this that I should be aware of. Since it the UI didn’t ask me what I wanted this “grouping” to be name, I’m trying to make sure there is no danger to changing the group name after it’s created…


We populate the group name with the parent step for convenience, but generally you can rename this without any danger.

The only time you would need to use caution is if you are targeting that step name specifically via output variables later in your deployment process. If you’re not doing that, then you can safely rename this group.

Hope that helps

Mark S.