Greyed out deployment targets when deploying untenanted project

I want to report a bug.
After the update which introduces the possibility to enable a deployment target for both multi tenant and untenanted deployments,
the servers are grayed out when i’m deploying a untenanted project to target which are enable for both tenanted en untenanted deployments.
I can actually deploy, it seems to be only a visual bug.
But could this be solved?
Our octopus version is 3.16.1

Kind Regards, Teun Althuizen

Hi Teun,

Thanks for getting in touch! You are right, this is a UI bug, and sadly we’ve had a series of them over the last while:✓&q=preview%20is%3Aissue%20label%3Afeature%2Ftenants%20label%3Abug%20

The advanced deployment screen doesn’t scale well to cater for multiple environments nor multiple tenants and we are planning to re-design this screen.

In the meantime we are going to hide the advanced deployment previews and options that either don’t make sense or are misleading:

Hope that helps!