GlobalVariable would override value set in LocalVariable - Octopus 3.11.16

For the same variable name, my understanding is that value set in project LocalVariable will take higher precedent over value set in GlobalVariable set.

It seemed not true in my current Octopus 3.11.16.

==> In my GlobalVariable set (include in the project), I have

  • variable Debug = “Disabled”
  • variable Debug = “NotSet” for scope “TestAshburn”

==> In my project LocalVariable, I have

  • variable Debug = “Enabled” for scope “TestAshburn”

In my run my project in scope “TestAshburn”, variable Debug get evaluated to “NotSet”

Wonder, base on my local and global variable setting, is this an expected feature or octopus oversight?


Attached - GlobalVariableSet, ProjectVariableSet, TestProcessStep, RunResults

Hi James,

Thanks for getting in touch! The global variable set variable still relies on an amount of precedence to be overwritten by the local variable. As your global variable has a scope it is higher precedence than the local variable without a scope. If they had the same scope the local variable would be chosen.

Hope that makes sense :slight_smile:

Thanks Vanessa.