Global Channels


Is there a way to have global channels, just like variables and lifecycles?

I have 21 projects and they all need to follow the same route to live.

I have a 3 lifecycles:

CI - which only deploys to DEV. The package once passed is then deployed to QA
QA - which promotes to staging (also used for builds created from our QA branch)
Production - which deploys staging to production (and used for builds created from out master branch)

I also have 3 channels

DEV - which is used for CI deploys from Teamcity into DEV
QA - which alows deploys to QA and Staging
Staging - which allows deploys to Staging and Production

As I said before, I have 21 projects and I don’t want to sit there spending a whole day creating the channels manually for each project, and even subsequent projects (mostly microservices that need to be deployed independantly). Is there a smarter way of reusing these channels or sharing these channels between projects?



Thanks for getting in touch. Unfortunately no, the channels do need to be set up per project. That’s a reasonable suggestion if you’d like to make it at Octopus UserVoice.

Otherwise our other suggestion is if it’s something you’ll be doing constantly write some code to run against the API so you can do it a repeatable way, we have a repository of examples using the API.