Git Flow with TC/OD?

I was curious if others could explain their flow if they have TC/OD?

For instance our flow Git > TC (looks at ci-test branch) > OD (Test) > Manually promote to Production on release night.

The issue I have with this flow is release night ci-test gets merged with master manually from a PR and then someone promotes the package. Been instances where ci-test/merge to master gets missed and then obviously master isn’t what is on production anymore.

I have been reading that some people have TC check /ci-test/* branch and build and send to OD test. Then when it gets merged to TC /master* it doesn’t another build and sends to OD. If that is the case then the packages never really get promoted right? They just get built and sent to the appropriate server?

Also in that case how do version#'s stay in sync from test/production?

I’m just trying to figure out the best way/practices to do this. I feel like we are doing OK but could be doing better here.

Hi @charris, thanks for reaching out.

We have some documentation on branching strategies at, although I suspect it doesn’t answer the question you are asking here. You may also find the Octopus Slack channel at is a good place to ask these kinds of questions.

Matt C

Sounds good. Thanks.

Seems we aren’t the only ones with the debate going on :slight_smile:

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