Git Flow SemVer issue

Having an issue with semver using git flow.

Feature branch called logging generates a version of 1.0.1-logging.1+2.Branch.feature/logging.Sha.3e853abe3bf1277d0df4ce66e2a98106faf9ea90

OctoPack logs a warning:
Using the assembly file version because the assembly version (1.0.1-logging.1+2.Branch.feature/logging.Sha.3e853abe3bf1277d0df4ce66e2a98106faf9ea90) is not a valid semantic version:

Builds from develop work fine:
Using package version: 1.1.0-unstable.3+Branch.develop.Sha.a160b0b2c18b26308a7ec263bfaed0ec3376e9f0

It looks like the issue is probably the forward slash in feature/logging. Is this something that can be supported or perhaps the forward slash replaced with a valid character?

Hi Mark,

Thanks for getting in touch! 1.0.1-logging.1+2.Branch.feature/logging.Sha.3e853abe3bf1277d0df4ce66e2a98106faf9ea90 isn’t a valid SemVer 2.0 version because of the /.

We avoid this issue by using feature-logging for our branch names instead.

Hope that helps!