Getting the package install directory for a particular step

So currently I am trying to deploy a larger monolithic application and we deploy several applications at once. This is alittle harder to deploy because we need to deploy all the sites and switch them over at one time. We accomplish this by using a custom powershell script with the “Begin-WebCommitDelay” and “End-WebCommitDelay” commands to switch all of them over in one transaction. One thing that i was wondering was if there is a variable we can use for each step to get the deploy directory if you don’t use the custom install directory. Currently the custom install dir is blank if you do not use that feature, and that means the information is lost in the following steps. Using the custom install directory is nice for some things, but for dynamic directories it adds more overhead as you have to clean things up manually when you are one. I think it would be nice to just have an extra variable for each step that would be the InstallationDirectory. Which would be the location that step was installed too.

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We have a blog post about using output variables that can be passed from different steps in the deployment which can be found here:

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