Getting set up with PowerBI?

Our organization has PowerBI and I saw today that Octopus creates an xml feed that I can pick up with PowerBI. However I haven’t been able to locate any information on how to actually do this.

Our octopus server and database are hosted on site and protected, they are not accessible to the web. I have questions about what the URL constructed should look like, and also which of the many many many types of Data Feeds in PowerBI I should be using? And also what type of authentication?

In short, lots of questions, no answers in the documentation. Can you all please provide some here?



Thanks for getting in touch.

There is information on the report endpoint here:
The URL will be something like:

In PowerBI you will need to add the URL as a data source. I think it will be Get Data > Other > Web and then enter the reporting URL.

Hope this helps.