Getting sc.exe create failed with exit code: 1639 when Deploying Project

I am deploying a project to a Windows 2019 server and getting sc.exe create failed with exit code: 1639. We are running Octopus server version 3.3.8. When I deploy the same project to a Windows 2012 R2 server, it deploys fine. Any help that you can provide is helpful. Thank you

Hi @bturner,

First and foremost, welcome to the Octopus boards!

Thanks for reaching out.

Is there anything else in that error? Can you share the entire sc.exe command that’s being run? Can you also please send a full task log of a working deployment and a broken deployment to me in a direct message?

I have seen online that the syntax of the sc.exe command differs on 2019 vs other versions. For example: command line - sc.exe fails with a 1639 - Stack Overflow

Please let me know.


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