Getting Octopus Data with PowerShell

We upgraded to v2018.10.1

I was using PoweShell to generate a report how Projects, variables, global variables, script modules, etc,… all interact. I was using this

Is there a better way to generate a report? I do not want go through each section of Octopus to review and try to link everything.

Hi @RK, thanks for reaching out.

Some objects in Octopus provide way to find the places that they are referenced. For example Certificates and Account both provide a usage field, and that information is also available via the API.

For example, the screenshot below shows the usages of a certificate as part of a deployment target.

However to report the relationships between things like projects, variables etc, the API that you have referenced is the best option. The API gives access to all entities in Octopus, so to generate a custom report this is the best solution.


Matt C

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