Getting list of Future Deployments

We are able to fetch the list of all the deployment with list-deployments in Powershell. Also, the latest deployment can be fetched with list-latestdeployments.
Now is there any way to get the list of the future scheduled deployments through Powershell. Which approach will be best to get the information regarding all the future deployments for the different environment in Octopus. Also, this information needs to captured in a file and the script should be running from Powershell.

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At the moment Octopus doesn’t have any concept of future deployments. The deployment tasks aren’t queued for the scheduled time, they are created when needed.
The only option at the moment would be to retrieve the scheduled trigger details into Powershell(e.g. https://octopusURL/api/<spaceID>/projects/<projectId>/triggers?skip=0&take=30&triggerActionCategory=Deployment) and attempt to generate the full schedule from that. I can imagine it may become quite cumbersome to accomplish though.

I do recall a recent discussion around improving Octopus’ features in the release management side of things. One of the items proposed was being able to view all planned deployments for all projects.

This is still in the early stages of planning so nothing has made it onto our roadmap yet, but hopefully, we will have something in this area next year.


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