Getting error while downloading deployment reports


I am getting below error when i am trying to execute RestAPI method to download deployment reports data.


But if ran the same command from any machine it’s working fine but the same command is not working from octopus.

Command: Invoke-WebRequest -Uri “https://deploy.eurofins.local/Octopus/api/reporting/deployments/xml?apikey=API-XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX” -OutFile data.xml -Verbose

Even the same command is working fine when i do RDP and run it manually on that server. and 1 month back it was working fine from octopus also.

Hi mohitmishra.mishra1989,

Thanks for posting. Do you know how long it takes to download outside of Octopus?

I fired up a test environment to attempt to reproduce the issue you are having. I was able to complete the request without error.

There is a chance that this may just be a network issue. I would suggest trying the same operation using localhost instead of the FQDN.

Let me know if that changes anything.