Getting error when trying to deploy application through octopus

Error.txt (104.3 KB)

Hi Roshani,

Thanks for getting in touch! I may need to get some further information from you to troubleshoot this issue. From the logs it looks like you are attempting to create a new Octopus server instance, or upgrade the database.

You mention getting this error while deploying an application with Octopus. Would you be able to attach the full task log from the deployment?

Is there any other information you are able to provide about this deployment? Where do you see this attached error?

Looking forward to hearing from you and getting to the bottom of this.

Best regards,

Hello Daniel_Fischer,

Glad to receive your reply.Actually I solved the issue myself.

The issue was some events were already existing in the database.Just I deleted my Database created new one and foolowed the whole process of installation of Octopus.

Will you please brief me the detail steps to be followed for deploying my Web API on octopus.

Looking forward for your reply


I am facing issue as mentioned above during deploying my project.Can you please help me with some solution.

Hi Roshani,

Thanks for getting back! I’m glad to hear you resolved the issue. The error in your screenshot suggests that the project has been disabled in the Settings menu for your ARSIM project.

I have attached a screenshot which illustrates where this option is.

Make sure this option is not selected or your project will be disabled and unable to deploy.

If this option is not enabled and you still see this issue, could you please attach a screenshot of the deployment’s Process tab?

Looking forward to hearing from you and resolving this. :slight_smile:

Best regards,