Getting a list of all the processes in a project


I’m trying to use the command line tool, octo.exe, to get a list of all the processes in a certain project. I was unable to find any indication this is possible. Is this true? Or is there a way to get this information using octo.exe? I’m trying to write a power shell script to do this.


Thanks for reaching out. There’s not such functionality in Octo.exe. When you say “processes” you mean Deployment Process Steps or processes running on the machine (as in Task Manager-> Processes)? In both cases Powershell would be the way to go.



Thanks for the response Dalmiro.

I was referring the the steps in each project. For example, if I have a project called PrjA and that project has 3 different steps, I want to write a script to determine what those steps are via octo.exe. Is there any chance this may get added in a future release?

Hi Mandeep,

Octo.exe wont give you the information you are looking for. Your best bet will be calling the Octopus API from Powershell, but even that would only give you the names of the steps. It would also give you its content, but it’ll be almost impossible to understand “what the step does” from it.

Given a deployment process as seen on the attached screenshot, would it be enough for you if I gave you a script that returns the following output?

Step 1 - Stopping Service
Step 2 - Updating Database
Step 3 - Deploying app
Step 4 - Starting Service