Get Web URLs from REST API

I am trying to surface some Octopus status information on a dashboard webpage so that I don’t have to go into Octopus to see if, for example, a Tentacle has a problem.

I was able to easily use the fantastic API to get each machine and it’s status. Where I’m getting tripped up is finding a way to generate a regular web (non API) URL to each machine. For example, this dashboard would show a Tentacle in distress, the user clicks it, and the Octopus site opens.

I have located the ‘Links.Self’ URL snippet that looks like “/api/machines/Machines-64” but that only a partial URL and is also an API URL. I can hack my way around with a some string manipulation and knowledge of the root URL (http://octopus) and end up with a URL like 'http://octopus/app#/machines/Machines-64", but that’s messy.

Is there an easy way to get from a machine, or a release, to the web page that represents that item?

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I stumbled on a “Web” item in the Links collection of a Project that has a URL snippet like the one I’m interested in ({/app#/projects/Projects-41}).

So it seems like what I’m asking for exists in some form, it just may not be consistently applied across object types. Are there any plans to apply this more widely?

Hi Kevin,

Thank you for reaching out! As it is now, web links via API endpoints are not provided for every object type. You bring up a valid point, and we think it’s a good idea to be more consistent in the future. Due to the amount of work this would require, we want to see what kind of community support is behind this idea. I have created a UserVoice suggestion, and I would appreciate you giving it a vote!

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