Get the Step Template created as a JSON file

Hi, in the current project that I am working, I need to sent custom variables in json format , so I created the Step Template to manage this, my doubt is, if there is some way to generate a json file with the step template information…

Hi Lucero,

Thank you for contacting Octopus Deploy support in regards to this query,

It’s possible to export your step templates via the Library within the Octopus portal (in Libary > Step Templates > [Specify Step Template], you’ll see the ‘export’ button in the top right), I’ve included a link to our documentation on Exporting Step Templates here.

Depending on your Octopus version you may not see this feature within the UI, as a minimum requirement you need to be running 2.5.9 or greater to be able to access this feature.

If you require any further assistance or clarification please let me know :slight_smile:

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Hey Reece,

Thank you for the answer, and sorry for not explain me well, this is the following scenario that I had:

I need to copy a json file to many virtual machines and this json file should have the next one content more less:

“ConfigFileObject”: {
“GroupId”: “sdffsfsdf”,
“CurrentConfigFileName”: “sfdsfsf”,
“CurrentAssemblyName”: “sdfsdfsf”,
“UserLogin”: “sdfsfsdf”,
“UserPassword”: “sdfsfd”,
“UserIdDb”: “sffdsfs”

According the documentation, this json is generated after one Step Template is executed(Run), so I want to catch that output result and send to the virtual machines, Is there a way to do that, using the API or just the UI interface??

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Hi Lucero,

Thank you for getting back to me regarding this query, I greatly appreciate you taking the time to elaborate on this further,

It’s possible to capture the data and set it is an output variable as a step that occurs after the step template you’ve created generates the relevant data. You can then call this variable value in subsequent deployment steps.

I’ve included some links to our documentation on output variables here.

Otherwise, you can refer to the blog post additionally.

If you require any further assistance or clarification please let me know :).

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Hi Reece, thank you so much for the information :slight_smile: