Get ReleaseID for a project

I wanted to get the latest releaseid for a project. Not deployed yet but just the release id using the API. Is it possible…

Hi there,

Thanks for reaching out! If all you want is the latest release, regardless if it was deployed or not, you can get it with /api/projects/[project Id]/releases?take=1

If you want the latest release that wasn’t deployed, regardless if there were other releases after it that were in fact deployed, let me know as I don’t remember that query off the top of my head and I would need to test it a bit.


Thanks a bunch for your answer. I actually do want the release id which is NOT deployed yet, just been created by the release engineer.

Hi there,

I’m very sorry for the delay here. This one definitely slipped through the cracks :frowning:

Do you still need help with this?


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