Get name of Worker Pool from variable?

Is it possible to get the name of a worker pool from a worker pool variable?

Doing #{WorkerPool} gets the ID of the worker pool.

I can work around this by introducing a second variable that matches the name with appropriate scoping, obviously not as clean though.

Hey Sean,

You can get the name of the worker pool a step is currently executing on using Octopus.WorkerPool.Name.

Does this give you what you need, or do you need to be able to access it via a variable? If so, could you describe your scenario a little further?

Octopus.WorkerPool.Name should work for my immediate use case.

Full use case:
We have some workers running on K8s as pods. They get their config from configmaps and secrets (including worker pool name). We update these configs through a Octopus Deploy step, this config comes from variables in Octopus.